Snow day!

My morning started off with a yummy bowl of oatmeal today…

IMG_1364I made this morning’s oats with a little coconut oil, added a half of banana, some chia seeds and hemp seeds for a topping, and mixed in a little maple syrup for a touch of sweetness.  I always top it off with a spec of almond milk to make it all a little creamier.  I LOVE oatmeal; it’s one of my favorite breakfasts and there are so many ways to crank it up a couple notches from straight up plain oatmeal!  Do you have some favorite toppings?

I guess most everyone has probably heard about the big ole blizzard of a storm that we’re getting slammed with here in Boston.  It’s been a bit of a whammy so far, but thankfully both my husband and I were able to work from home, and we’re cozy inside with lots of good eats and drinks on hand.

My office today looks like this:


This scene is a far reach from the office/clinic environment I usually work in, but I’m definitely not complaining!  We cancelled all of our patients for today, other than the ones that were scheduled for surgeries.  Thankfully we were able to do this to save them from having to make the trek in, and us too! All that’s left to really do today is be available for phone calls.  So patients are still able to call in should they need anything, and all the nurses are working from home and checking our messages throughout the day.  So far it hasn’t been too bad at all, giving us the chance to make a few trips outside to shovel, and to watch the never ending news coverage on The! Blizzard! of 2015! #omg!

Speaking of shoveling, I read this article on Huffington Post today, about how to get “an actual workout” while shoveling snow.  Um, because just shoveling itself isn’t enough of an actual workout, right?  I actually did keep an eye on how long we’ve been out there today digging out. Did you know that on average, a 155 lb person burns about 230 calories per half hour shoveling?  Add in some squats and shovel lunges like this article suggests, and holy hell, your neighbors will think you’re a nut job, you’ll burn some serious calories!

Shoveling actually is a pretty killer workout, squats and lunges aside.  I was thinking last night when I knew I’d have a day off today that I’d have time to do a good workout at home, but turns out I opted out of that for a few rounds of shoveling instead.  Already, we’ve been out there an hour and a half, and it’s still coming down…


Thankfully this stuff is pretty light and fluffy, but it’s so windy out that it’s blowing all around, and it’s hard to gauge how much we’ve really got going on out there!  Seems like close to eighteen inches maybe?, with snow piles up to about four feet!

I love/hate how whenever there’s a big storm like this, it’s ALL that anyone talks about, the only thing on TV, the news people having a field day with it all!  It makes you wonder what they’re doing when there isn’t any snow?  And not for nothing, but this news coverage cut into a little Farmer Chris Bachelor watching last night, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Well, that’s about it going on here today.  A pretty quiet day all things considered.

Oh yeah!  One more thing!  I want to share about this really yummy soup I made for dinner last night that we’re enjoying leftovers of today.  I highly recommend this one, from one of my favorite sites, Skinnytaste.  This is one of my go-to sites for quick and easy and really healthy and damn yummy meals and appetizers, and even desserts!  I bought her cookbook right before Christmas and gave my mom a copy as well. There’s SO many great recipes both on her site and in her book; you should definitely check it out!


Lasagna Soup

I hope that you’re enjoying your day today!  Are you snowed in?  Enjoying some calmer weather? What are some of your favorite thinks to do when it’s blizzarding outside?

I think I’ll go make some cookies… afterall… the shovel lunges, the calorie burn… it is all about balance here right?

2015 Non Resolutions

Well, the whirlwind of the holidays have come and gone, and here we are in the first full week of 2015. Happy New Year!

Is it freezing where you are?  I don’t just mean 32 degrees freezing, how about -7 degrees bitter cold? Yikes. I started off January with the intention to run every day this month.  I did this from the first through the fourth, but come this week, temperatures have been crazy cold, so the outdoor running has been… not to much.  I could go to the gym and run on the treadmill, but I’d lose my sanity pretty quick doing that; I hate treadmill running for much more than three miles at a time.  It is supposed to “warm up” this weekend (actually get to 32 degrees) so I plan to get back outside for some more brisk runs.

Speaking of intentions and goals and reflecting on the year ahead, have you made any New Year’s Resolutions?  I don’t know about you, but I often find that with resolutions comes a lot of pressure.  Don’t get me wrong, I think setting goals and putting intentions out there is a good thing, but “New Year’s Resolutions” to me, has always felt sort of corny and forced.  You look back on the past year, and you make this big, grand list of things that you plan to do better at in the upcoming year.  You resolve to “lose weight” or “begin eating healthy.”  It’s a lot of pressure I think, and frankly I’m all about going easy on ourselves and taking the pressure off as we start a new year.

So, the Non-Resolution.  For the past seven years now, I have made a list at the beginning of each year of things that I resolve not to do.  I find this a bit easier and for me it makes a little more sense.  Instead of focusing on all of the things that you want to do, or change, or be better at this year, I encourage you to join me in making a small list of non-resolutions– things you would like to stop or avoid, or do less of in 2015.

In 2015 I resolve not to:

  • Say yes when I really mean no, or maybe.  This one has been on my list more than once, and it’s something I struggle with on the regular.  By saying yes to something that I’m lukewarm about, just to satisfy someone else, what I’m essentially doing is saying no- that what I want doesn’t really matter, or isn’t too important.  I’m going to try to be better at this.
  • I resolve not to be so hard on myself.  I need to really remember to treat myself like I would a dear friend.  Make my self talk a little kinder, not be s0 judgey about myself the same way I wouldn’t judge a good friend for their choices.
  • Interrupt as much.  I hate when people interrupt; it’s a huge pet peeve of mine.  But you know that saying, the one where you dislike traits in others that you can recognize in yourself.  Yeah.  I know I interrupt too.  My husband and I sometimes argue about interrupting- I give him a hard time for interrupting but then I do it right back to him.  I really want to work on this.
  • I resolve to not worry so much.  Every single year this makes my list.  I’d say that I’ve gotten better at this one, but worry is kind of built into my genes, and I just sort of carry it with me wherever I go.  I try not to dwell on things too much, really do try to focus on living in the moment, not worrying about the “what-ifs” of life.  I know this is something I need to keep working on.  I’ll never be perfect at it and I think to some degree, a little worry is a good thing.  One quote I really love by Michael J. Fox says, “If you get caught up in the worst case scenario and it doesn’t happen, you’ve wasted your time. And if you are caught up in the worst case scenario and it does happen, you’ve lived it twice.” Michael, you nailed it.
  • Text while I’m driving.  Yeah, seriously.
  • Go a week without running.  Running makes me happy.  I love running.  I do all sorts of other exercise, but running you can do anywhere, mostly any time.  I may not be able to run every single day of January, but I can at least run once a week the whole year through, because it makes me feel good, and it’s fun to run.
  • Lastly, in 2015, I resolve to not not live authentically. I will try my best to be true to myself and to be self aware.  I will focus on living in the moment, being genuine, and being kind to myself and others.

What do you resolve not to do in 2015?