Coming soon…

No, not a human little baby, but a puppy baby!

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Matt and I were getting ready to start seriously thinking about a dog?  And you know how that goes right?  Once you start seriously thinking about a dog, it’s all you’re seriously thinking about, all the time!  We went back and forth between going with a breeder or adopting.  After lots of thought, we decided to go the adoption route and just like that, we met this sweet little love last weekend:


And our she had our hearts immediately!

(Dog= skeptical.  Matt= elated!)

We had been looking at local shelters online, and one in particular in Boston was having an event locally last weekend.  We had scouted out this little girl on the shelter’s website ahead of time, and after waiting in a long line for over an hour to meet her (there were tons of people there, and so many dogs to be adopted! so many pups going to goo homes!), we immediately knew we were all in, right upon seeing her sweet little face!


I mean, seriously?  Look at those floppy ears!  Those blue eyes!

She’s just the sweetest girl ever!  She’s just over four months old, and came here from Arkansas a few weeks ago.  She’s a Blue Heeler mix, and she’s sweet and playful and already knows some basic commands!  She’s currently living with foster parents right now, a really nice couple that’s super chill and friendly, our age, the guy has a beard too, and they’re just really nice.  We hit it off immediately, and we knew right away that this was a done deal for us; we were sold on this little love!

This adoption process is no joke (which it shouldn’t be- they’re very thorough and rightly so!), and we’re just about done.  We had the home inspection tonight which went well, Cosmo Cat is getting an updated vaccination on Saturday which he can’t wait for, and then things are pretty much wrapped up (fingers crossed!).

We hope to bring our new addition home next weekend, and if you couldn’t tell?, we’re totally over the moon with excitement!

Do you have any pets?  What’s your favorite thing to do with your furbaby?


6 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. I am so excited for y’all! She is beautiful and will be the perfect addition to your family 🙂 I’m currently snuggling with one of our dogs who loves to be under the blankets. I love taking them in the car with us when we go to get ice cream!

  2. Aww, that is so exciting! That puppy is so cute! I do not have any pets, but my boyfriend had a long term pet sitting arrangement for the past year and it felt like the cats was ours. He’s gone now, so it’s been an adjustment! 🙁

  3. How can you say no to those blue eyes and floppy ears! He is darling. I am sure he will bring so much joy to your home.

  4. @Kate- We’re so freaking pumped! Can’t wait to run with her and snuggle and play!

    @Lisa- Pet sitting is fun too! Or you could foster!! Though I imagine that would be super hard– the people bringing her to us told us it’s going to break their heart to say goodbye to her! I don’t think I could do it!

    @K- Seriously!

    @nonsquiturchica- Charlie!

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