Taking a page from this lady’s book, I’m going to do a little post on what’s currently on my plate right now.

Reading:  I’m currently “reading” The Vacationers by Emma Straub, and by “reading” I mean listening to- in the car, book on CD, from the library, to and from work.  A coworker had given me a copy, the real book copy, a couple months ago, and I never got around to reading it.  After devouring the Serial podcast (I was so engrossed, much like everyone else), I needed something else to listen to on my way to work with my new, longer commute from our new home.  I’m enjoying The Vacationers.  It’s a light and easy read… er, easy listen?  On my nightstand I have The Orphan Train ready to go, which I’m excited to delve into soon!

Loving:  Getting settled in our new house!  It’s so, so nice to have more space, to have a place to really actually call our own, and to do with it exactly what we want.  I’m loving Pinterest-ing the hell out of ideas for room decor, paint colors, etc.  We’re really loving just hanging at home these past three weeks (today marks three weeks of home ownership).  I’m excited to come home after work and hunker down in a place that’s all ours.

Thinking:  About recipes, and more decorating, and about what races I might like to run coming up.  I’m also thinking about my job, and if this is where I can picture myself long term, or not.  And I’m thinking about how fast time truly does go by.

Frustrated:  I know there was something just the other day that I was complaining about, but I can’t remember it now as hard as I’m trying.  I guess it couldn’t have been that big of a deal then?

Feeling:  Like I’m glad that I have a space like this to write about my daily life, my struggles sometimes, and the fact that I’ve already connected with so many cool people through this venue.  I’m also feeling like I really need to continue to focus on the theme of this blog: balance– it’s something that sometimes challenges me in my everyday life.  Too much of a good thing, not enough of something else, all or nothing thinking, etc.

Anticipating:  Some warmer weather, or really, some more sunlight.  I don’t totally mind the cold; it’s not my favorite, but I’m getting by.  Just this past weekend I had a really awesome twelve mile run in the bitter cold seven degree weather, and believe it or not, I actually kind of enjoyed it!  I joined a running club after being inspired by this gal to do so, and being a part of a group like that was what motivated me to get out there that day and accomplish that run in such cold temps.  What I’m really looking forward to though is some more sunlight, and longer days. The sun rising earlier so that I can get some running in before work, and setting later so it’s not pitch dark when I’m heading home!

Watching:  Do you watch The Taste?  The finale is this week so it’s a little late to jump on board, but I love Anthony Bourdain we love this show, and tune in every week.  I’m also pretty into Chopped (I guess there’s a cooking show theme here), and can’t wait for Grey’s (I think I’m one of the five people in the world who still watch!), How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal to come back on.  I just binge watched Scandal over the past month or so- started from the beginning, and I’m hooked!  Does anyone else watch any of these?  And, lest I forget to mention the big one, The Bachelor.  Yup, I tune in to farmer Chris, even though this season really isn’t doing anything for me, I’m still watching.

Sad:  I don’t really have the sads about anything right now, I’m fortunate to say.  Though, I am sad for other people’s sadness- friends who are going through a hard time, patients who are struggling with their health, and just people in general who are fighting a battle of their own.

Working:  I started a new eight week workout program that I’m adding into my current routine of HIIT training, strength training, and running.  I’m working on unpacking and getting organized in our new place.  Working on being kind to myself and continually working on striving for balance.

Grateful:  For a warm house, for my friends and family and their excitement for our recent move, for the love and support and help they all have given us.  I’m grateful for my health, and the health of my loved ones.  I’m grateful for a nice glass of red wine after a long week.

Listening:  To the book on CD I mentioned, to not much music except while working out, and to my cat purring next to me right now.

Wishing:  That work wasn’t so chaotic right now.  There’s been a lot going on with people out for health reasons and this or that, and it’s kind of taking a toll on everyone.

How about you?  Join in and share some of the things you’re anticipating, loving, reading, or watching lately.

5 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Wow – 12 miles in 7 degree temps is awesome! My longest run lately has been 8 miles but it was about 25 when I did that run. I tweaked something in my foot so am taking it easy right now but am hoping to do a 10 mile race in March and then a half in April.

    Right now I’m anticipating our trip to Santa Barbara, loving that the weather has been more mild lately (but hoping we get some snow soon!), reading a collection of short stories called “Runaway” for book club, and watching Top Chef and Parenthood. I hope you like The Orphan Train – we read that for a book club and everyone really liked it!

  2. Oh, I am anticipating more daylight, too! I really don’t mind the cold (as long as it’s not for 6 months) but I would LOVE an extra hour of sunlight after work or before work. Last winter I went to work an hour later than I do now so I had the time to run before work. I’m too wimpy to run in the dark, so my runs this winter will all be on the treadmill except for my Saturday/Sunday long run. I am currently reading Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand. I started last night and think I’ll finish tonight – it’s short, only 200 pages, and a nice light read after 800 page heavy read.

  3. That’s exciting that you just moved into a house! We are buying a house this spring and I can’t wait! I know that the move will be stressful but I’m really excited to get settled and decorate.
    I would also love some warmer weather right about now!

  4. Nice job on joining a running group! Even when I do not run with my group, they still hold me accountable and that is half of the battle!

    I also watch Greys, but have gotten rid of cable and so will have to wait for the next season (or this season I guess) on Netflix before I can be caught up. I also love Top Chef and Parenthood. I have not seen Taste, but would probably enjoy it, as I also like Chopped and Masterchef.

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