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As I log in over here (and have to get an email reminder with my log in password), I’m reminded how quickly time flies, and how it’s been a while since I’ve spent some time here in this space.

I started this blog as an outlet, where I could visit and chat and vent and share, with like-minded people about the nitty gritty of real life happenings.  With many highs and lows of daily life, my goal has been to write about attempting to maintain a sense of all around balance in a life that can so often feel hurried, and frantic, and overwhelming at times.

Balance is important to me, and it’s funny how something that I consider such a priority is also something that can be a struggle at times.  Do you notice the same?  Things that are at the top of our list are sometimes those that we have to devote the most thought, and effort towards.

Here’s how I have been trying to maintain some balance in my daily life as of late…

  • With all the summer cookouts and excuses for beer and burgers and ice cream, I’ve made a commitment for the past twenty one days to exercise daily.

1381489_1552512508312621_2282268715550206855_n-300x300Balance is about working hard, and enjoying the little things…


S’mores on our patio. #getinmybelly

  • We love to cook at home, and especially in the summer, grilling is one of our go-to’s.  Sometimes, on a Friday, we’d rather sit for drinks on a patio and have someone else do the cooking.  And we’re so pumped about one of our new favorite places not far from us, where we can bring our pup for dinner while dining alfresco!

“Gimme that sangria, Mom!”

  • Summer cookouts don’t always have to be unhealthy!  Brought a little balance to the table a few weeks ago with this yummy app:
Strawberry Ricotta Bites

Strawberry Ricotta Bites

  • Reading.  I love to get lost in a good book, and with hot summer days lately, we’ve taken to cooling off in our finished basement and catching some Netflix shows.  I’m also trying to balance out the TV watching with some reading.  I feel like it’s easy to lose hours of the evening getting sucked into episode after episode of OITNB, or our new one, The Americans, but at the same time, I feel like I should be balancing things out with something more stimulating for my brain, like getting into a good book.  What are you reading now?

The bottom line is that balance isn’t always easy.  It seems like a good idea, and easy enough, but it can take some work!  It might not always look perfect, and some days will feel more balanced than others.  My goal is to try to focus on little ways to bring balance to my daily life, making small adjustments in my routine, taking the time to slow things down a bit and giving myself permission to not always having things exactly perfect.

How are you adding some balance to your life lately?


9 thoughts on “Friday balance…

  1. Love this! I’ve been trying to balance reading and watching TV lately too – my goal for July is to finish at least 2 books (even if one of them is Courtney’s Bachelor Tell All ;). ) Also, trying to add fruits & veggies to every meal!

  2. Balance is definitely tough… I’m training for a marathon and triathlon right now so I feel like the training for those events is kind of overwhelming and makes me feel like life is a little bit unbalanced right now but the triathlon will be behind me in just over a month! I try to find balance by taking 1-2 rest days a week (and try not to feel guilty on those days) and by making time for other hobbies like reading.

    That appetizer looks sooo good! As do the s’mores!!

  3. @Lisa- Good for you for training for two big events at the same time! I’ve done both separately, but never at the same time! Then again, it kind of makes sense! You’ll definitely have the running leg all set for your tri! Will this be your first?

  4. Everyone and their mom is dong the 21 day fix. What are your thoughts so far? It looks like the perfect thing to get back on track — nothing too extreme. Those s’mores are perfection 🙂 perfect summer food.

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