Lions and lambs oh my

What’s the saying, in like a lion and out like a lamb?  That’s what they say about March, right? Not so much lamb-like around here on the last day of March.  It was chilly today, and just a couple days ago, no surprise really- more snow!  I’m really hoping for some lamb-like weeks on the horizon.  It’s spring and yet, it doesn’t really feel very much like spring at all.  I freaking can’t wait to have a solid streak of good weather.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a day in the 50’s or 60’s will do.  That weather right there to me is perfect running weather, and I can’t wait to get back outside on the roads again more consistently for long (heck, I’ll even take short) runs.

March kind of flew by for me here, what about you?  I think it’s because I was hit with a bit of the case of the Januaries that I felt like I really welcomed the past two months fully with open arms.  And they seemed to fly by!  We had a lot going on, so that’s part of it, but in general, time just didn’t seem to drag as much as it did in January.

Like I did a couple of months back, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.  I like to reflect back on a month- see what’s been happening, what went well, areas that seemed like a win, and places I struggled.

Here’s what’s up currently:

Reading:  Three books currently.  The Star Spangled Buddhist: Zen, Tibetan, and Soka Gakkai Buddhism and the Quest for Enlightenment in America by Jeff Ourvan, Paris Letters (thanks to a handful of you for this recommendation!) by Janice Macleod, and The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick (who also wrote Silver Linings Playbook).

Loving:  That the days are getting longer.  That there’s more sunlight. These new, all natural face products.  Andalou is a line of all natural products and they’re really easy on the skin- great for clarifying, rejuvenating, and brightening!


Thinking:  About plans for summer.  Weekends away with friends.  Long runs.  Cookouts.  Patios and beers on patios with friends.

Frustrated:  The things that frustrate me right now are just little things, and instead of focusing on them, I’m choosing to just let them go…

Feeling:  Sleepy, honestly, currently.  But also happy, and content, and thankful.

Anticipating:  Getting a puppy!  We’re looking into either rescuing one or going the breeder route.  We’d love to give a good home to a puppy that needs our help, but that’s the other thing, we know we want a young dog, so we’re looking for the right fit.

Watching:  We’ve kind of gotten into that new show with Ryan Phillippe, Secrets and Lies. Anyone else?

Also, hi Ryan:


Sad:  Hmm.  I’m sad right now about a situation one of my close family members is going through.  Life is tough, and hard, and shitty sometimes, and I just feel bad for what this person is going through and hope that they will come out on the other side happier, healthier, and in a better place.

Working:  I actually do have a bit of a new role at work as of the last couple of weeks.  That’s been going well and has been a bit busier.  See also, feeling sleepy.

Grateful:  Always for my health, and the health of my loved ones.  Also grateful for random early morning coffee dates with girlfriends, spur of the moment plans with friends, the ability to be spontaneous right now, discovering new recipes, cooking for others, that my back which had been injured is feeling a lot better, and for the new hazelnut cinnamon coffee I bought the other day- YUM.

Listening:  Still to books on CD on my commute to work, and to Pandora’s Hipster Cocktail Party pretty much anytime my husband and I are hanging out, cooking, cleaning, or throwing our own version of a hipster cocktail party.

Wishing:  For some good weather to come!  For some sunny days.  To be able to spend an afternoon with the windows down at home and to take a drive with the sunroof open again soon.

How about you?  Join in and share some of the things you’re anticipating, loving, reading, or watching lately. Also, what’s March like for you right now?  The lion or the lamb?

3 thoughts on “Lions and lambs oh my

  1. Our winter was not nearly as harsh as yours was so I really shouldn’t complain, but the last week of March was definitely a lion as it snowed and was unseasonably cold. I was glad to see the month come to an end and am hoping that April brings warmer temperatures!!

    I’m anticipating spending Easter with my family, reading “Blue Like Jazz” and watching Garfunkel and Oates on Netflix which is pretty funny. That is exciting that you are going to get a puppy!

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