Oh, it’s not Friday?

It’s almost Friday!


Has anyone else found this week to be particularly draggy?  In my head I’ve been thinking it was one day ahead all week, even waking up this morning pumped for Friday and the weekend, and quickly realizing I was a little off base.

Good news is that the stress from last week has subsided a bit!  That’s actually really good news, and suffice it to say that it’s not so bad to replace last week’s stress of “what ifs” in relation to home buying and inspections with this week’s stresses of “where in the holy hell are we going to find room for all these boxes that we have to pack?!”

So yeah, progress has been made on that front, and it’s exciting progress and seemingly good progress, but progress that I’m still nervous to really shout from the rooftops and fully celebrate just yet until the deal is fully closed, if you know what I’m saying.  So, as my mom says, “film at 11” on that.

(Does anyone else use that phrase?  We always say it and I guess I have just assumed that people know what it means, but maybe it’s just a thing with my family?  You say: “so you’re going to take your first Zumba class tonight?,” and I say, “yeah, we’ll see how that goes, film at 11.”  It just kind of means, you know, “fill you in later.”  Like the 11 o’clock news, you follow me?  Anyone?)

So there’s that.  I guess I don’t have too much more to write tonight but I wanted to say thank you to all of you who are reading and have commented and emailed me as I’ve gotten back into the swing of things with writing on a blog again.  I kind of forgot how much I missed the practice of blogging and writing, and I’ve been really enjoying it.  Writing, thinking of ideas of what to post about, catching up with old friends and discovering new blogs.

For now, thank you- and here’s to a good evening and a happy Friday!

What’s been one of the happiest moments you’ve had this week?


3 thoughts on “Oh, it’s not Friday?

  1. I got your “film at 11” reference. Haven’t heard it in awhile, but I got it! And I’m glad the house situation is moving forward. Also very glad to see your name and words back in the blogosphere. Most of my blog tribe has fallen away (and I’ve become terrible about staying up on other people’s) but the Facebook comments help and keep me going. Nice work reconnecting with your audience right away!

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