The thing about balance…


So this idea about balance?  With post number one on this site, I’m here to admit: finding balance is not always easy.

There are many types of balance.  The actual, physical kind of balance that helps us stand up straight, take a nice, brisk, fall walk, or run a PR in a half marathon.  There’s the physical kind of balance that helps us to invert upside down, engage our core, and rock an unassisted headstand without totally wiping out and ending up with a permanent bruise (not that I would know anything about that!).

There’s emotional balance, the kind that helps to keep our highs and lows in check, aiding us to getting in touch with what makes us feel good, what freaks us the heck out and causes anxiety, and points out how much of something we can handle before feeling like we are reaching our emotional tipping point.

Then there’s the balance we can have in the health and wellness realms.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating the kinds of foods that energize you, steering clear of too much of a good (or bad) thing, and finding the healthy middle ground of “just right.”

This balance thing, it’s tricky.  Some days, it takes actual, serious, put your mind and your thoughts and your conscious efforts into it hard work. But sometimes when you’re lucky, and you’re in a good place, stars align and things work in a such a way that balance just comes as second nature. Some days, you are able to get right up into that handstand, and actually stay there for several long, deep breaths, without smashing your body into a coffee table.  Lots of times, you get in a good groove, eating what feels good inside your body, and it in turn responds in a happy way, giving us the energy and stamina to make it through a long run or a killer kickboxing class.  And then, there are many times during our hectic work days where we are able to find small moments or frames of time where we can take a deep inhale, think about your full emotional plates, the big decisions and small ones too that we are dealing with, and we can find a way to feel (mostly) at peace with the here and now, gently reminding ourselves that things usually have a way of working out as they should at the end of the day.

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t have the whole balance thing mastered by any means. I do, however, try to find a semblance of balance in each day.  Some days are wins and I hardly have to think about it; other days end up being not so much of pretty picture of balance, and I realize I feel a bit off inside.

My goal is to find small ways to nurture myself each day, to capture small doses of balance that help me to feel grounded, give me energy, make me feel healthy and positive, all that ultimately make the best version of myself shine on.

How do you win at finding balance in your everyday, and where do you struggle?