Thank you!

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post!  I really appreciate all your sweet words!

I picked a winner for the Pink Blush giveaway the other day and have been meaning to post here with an update, but this week has been crazy!  I’m sorry it’s taken so long!

Here’s a little video of me picking the lucky winner (and yup, that’s Ace of Base on Pandora playing in the background!)…


I hope this video works?  If not, the winner of the $75 giveaway is my old blog friend Kristin!  We’ve known each from way back before we both had significant others, when blogging was something I did regularly (like, a few times a week!), and when we were writing about life and love and everything in between.  I have so many great memories from blogging back in the day, having met so many wonderful people through this venue.  Kristin- I’m glad you won lady!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Friday and a good weekend!

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