Treat Yourself Tuesday!

One of my favorite bloggers lately linked up with another new-to-me blogger, Becky, for a fun idea that I can totally get behind: Treat Yourself Tuesday.



The idea is to be kinder to ourselves each day, and take time out of our busy lives to do something nice for ourselves.

We’re all about balance around here, and one of the things that helps us feel balanced on our insides is doing nice things for ourselves.  Doing nice things for other people is really awesome too, but today is all about the self love, and I think self care is so important, because if we can’t nurture ourselves, how can we be fully present and give our best to others?

A couple of ways I treated myself today included…


A hazelnut iced coffee from Bruegger’s.  I LOVE Bruegger’s coffee- especially because the beans are flavored, rather than adding in artificial sweeteners that I generally dislike.

Another treat included a really good workout this evening.  And soon I plan to treat myself to some down time on the couch with my husband catching up on some DVR’d shows, and a little reading.

How about you?  How did you treat yourself this Tuesday?

2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday!

  1. It made my morning to see that my blog has been one of your favorites lately! The feeling is mutual 🙂 We had a Bruegger’s in our neighborhood in my hometown and my sister and I went all the time! It’s still my favorite bagel shop to date!

  2. I firmly believe in self-care, too! I treated myself yesterday by going to Mary Poppins at a local dinner theater with two girlfriends! And this weekend I am treating myself to a much needed massage!

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