Where does the time go?

I honestly think about updating this blog every day.  Every damn day I think about a post that I might like to write, an idea will pop into my head on my drive to work, someone will say something that will make me think of something else that will make me think, “huh, maybe I’ll write about that…”

And then time passes.  And it’s 8:57pm on a Wednesday night and you’re just finally sitting down to relax.  And you realize, not only have the past few weeks flown by, but the last couple of months have whirled by too.  And you remember, life is short.  And it’s important to stop and take it all in, to actually press the pause button and enjoy the small moments that make up these days passing by.

Life is short.

Get dirty.
unnamed-12Get dirty with friends.

unnamed-13Soak in the tub.

unnamed-14Life is short.  Travel.  Laugh often.  Drink Bloody Mary’s on a patio on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy brunch.






Life is short.  Forget about eating “the right thing” once in a while and eat the things that taste damn good and don’t worry about it.

Life is short.  Get gussied up with your main squeeze.


Life is short.  Laugh at yourself.  Let the small things go.  Get silly.


Life is short.  Eat cupcakes.  Eat lemon cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting that your mom makes you for your birthday, and the next day eat dark chocolate frosted peanut butter cupcakes from your work wife.


Life is short.  Take it all in.  Live in the moment.  Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

And lastly, take naps, because life is NOT too short to enjoy a good siesta.


This post is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Kate!

Your turn!  Life is short… finish this sentence!

8 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Oh my goodness, that picture of your pup napping, love it! Y’all look so nice all dressed up 🙂 I am so happy you did a whole post of these. Life is short, enjoy the little moments like staying in bed an extra 10 minutes (which I may or may not be doing right now) Have a great day!

  2. Yeah, where does the time go? That’s a good question. Life is, indeed, short….

    I totally know that feeling… it’s 9p.m. at night and there is no way you’re going to write a blog post. If I don’t “plan” in advance, I’d probably never get a blog post written during the week 😉

    Jotting down some post ideas during the day/week is definitely a good idea though!

  3. @kate- I read your comment this morning while I was lying in bed! Ha!

    @San- I guess I need to get better then about planning some posts. Do you set them to post at a later date?

  4. Time has been flying lately! Every year seems to go by even quicker which kind of scares me. I’d finish the “life is short” sentence by saying, “so spend as much time with friends and family as you can do make sure they know you love them.” I know a lot of people who have lost loved ones very suddenly lately and it’s just been a reminder to carpe diem and make the most of life!

  5. “Staying present” seems like a huge cliche but it really is one of the most beautiful things you can do to have a happy life. This is so short and sweet, I love it 🙂 my favorite part? “Be kind to yourself and to others.” Sometimes it’s easy to be kind to others but not ourselves. Definitely a great reminder.

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